Saturday, October 27, 2012

Surviving first semester

It's sad - it's only the first semester of medical school and I'm really worried about just making it. I made it through midterms a couple weeks ago. Right now I'm taking Histology, Biochemistry, and Anatomy. Unfortunately, my medical school is NOT on the block system, nor on the systems approach so I have all these classes at once and it we learn different areas of the body in each class. I'm not complaining, but I wish I had been accepted to a school which was on a block system and had the systems approach - I think I would be doing much better.

Anyways, so midterms happened. Histology was fine. I barely passed Biochemistry. I did NOT pass Anatomy, but if I do well enough on the final for Anatomy, it should be okay. I'm not too worried about the biochemistry final or the histology final, but I'm totally freaked out for the anatomy final. The midterm and final pretty much make up our entire grade, so I I'm really dependent on these two exams to be able to move onto the second semester.

Medical school is stressful enough and I feel like I'm constantly worried if I'll even make it to the second semester. I don't want to be stressed/worried about that. I mean a little fear is fine, it's actually good, it keeps you indulged, motivated, and moving forward. However too much fear is a hindrance. And right now I'm putting myself into the "too much fear" range. I need to get myself out, quick - so I can really prepare well for my final exams.

Wish me good luck!

P.S. I can't believe it will be NOVEMBER next week! WHAT?! Where did 2012 go...?

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