Sunday, May 5, 2013

Almost there...

It's the second to last weekend before the final exam, so in medical school world - Panic starts. Every second, every minute, every hour is extremely precious. We had a few mishaps this weekend in regards to the internet (something you have to deal with living on an island), but it was okay. Everyone around me was freaking out, but luckily I print everything out, so I wasn't too affected. In fact, it was a pretty good weekend. There have been a few lectures that I've had a hard time synthesizing and thus, procrastinated going over. I met up with a friend this weekend and we both dissected it out together, and it was like a thousand light bulbs just went on in our heads. And we were so incredibly focused while studying. Not a minute did we get off track or look our phones or anything. It seriously felt great! I also had many review sessions with my roommate and her friends - and that went well too. They don't need to get as high of a grade on this exam, so it was more big picture, linking concepts together with them. It was good review for me so I'm glad I did it. So this allowed me to go through a lot of lectures and actively study.

Recently, I've realized that I'm just a lot more efficient in the morning, regardless of how much I've napped throughout the day or how much coffee I've inhaled. So I've been trying to go to sleep by midnight and wake up by 5:30am, being at the library by 6:30am. I haven't done it everyday, but I've been able to at least get myself up early. It's been working out really great, the day seems so much longer and I just get so much accomplished. I even went to the library one morning when it was pouring down rain and my local phone was damaged because of the water. (I feel like a deserve an award or something for being that dedicated - haha!)

In general though, if I had to take the exam tomorrow, I definitely think I can get at least an 80%. It's the extra 16 more points that I'm aiming to solidify in these last few days. I feel like so many people would be freaking out if they were in my position right now, but I'm not. I don't know if it's a good thing or bad thing. I'm worried and nervous for sure, but not freaked out. I know for me, this is not necessarily a bad thing, but I tend to be more efficient when I'm not stressing out. I hope this efficiency carries me through the week and into next week.

I've been meeting with my learning strategist, and when I explain concepts to her - she says I'm going to really like physiology because I tend to think like that. And she's not the only one to say that - so many of my friends have told me that. I'm actually really excited to take physiology and neuroscience - which are all classes in the second semester. I just hope hope hope I can make it there. I don't think I've ever been so excited about taking classes as I am right now. The more I study biochem, the more interesting it becomes. Obviously with a full class load, it's hard to put in so much time, but I've truly been enjoying biochem.

I wish all the very best to others entering their final exam period! Good luck to us!!